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Introducing Ocutears

Long-lasting relief from dry eye symptoms. Ocutears ionic and cross-linked formulas work to keep eye drops in place, so they are long lasting and may not need to be applied as often.1-6*

Ocutears Your dry eye partner

*compared to alternative eye drops which use a sodium hyaluronate formula which isn’t cross-linked


in a survey of 751 participants

Dry eye disease (DED) can negatively affect quality of life and lock patients into a cycle of frustration.8

Icon of irritated eye
Pain and discomfort8
Blurry eye graphic
Blurred vision8
Graphic of a person sleeping in bed
Poor sleep quality8
Heavy eye graphic
Negative feelings8
Computer graphic with clock on screen
Lower concentration8
Healthy food
Gets in the way of leisure8


  • DED can be a vicious cycle8
  • To break it, restoring the ocular surface and tear film integrity may be important8
  • Eye drops are the principal approach8
  • But frequent eye drop applications are challenging, particularly for those with poor vision or dexterity9
  • How often they need to reapply is considered most important to patients when it comes to using an eye drop (96%)10

in a survey of 160 people.

What is DED?


Ocutears’ ionic (Cationorm) and cross-linked formulas 0.4% sodium hyaluronate (Alo+ and Hydro+) formulas are long lasting and are designed to stay put on the eye where they are needed.1-6 That means potentially fewer applications*, with relief from just one drop a day.1-6  All our products are preservative free and contact lens friendly.1,2,4

*compared to alternative eye drops which use a sodium hyaluronate formula.

Why choose Ocutears?
How do Ocutears work?

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Ocutears Hydro+ and Alo+ contain sodium hyaluronate (0.4%) at a higher concentration than other artificial tears.1,2,6,15 Sodium hyaluronate hydrates, lubricates and acts as a barrier to prevent irritation16:

  • Most sodium hyaluronate in eye drops is in a linear form16,17
  • Cross-linking involves linking together different chains of sodium hyaluronate with two or more bonds, which:
  • Increases viscoelasticity16,17
  • Works to keep the eye drops in place1,15,18
  • Means they may not need to be reapplied as often (vs alternatives without cross-linked sodium hyaluronate)1,3,15
  • Provided long lasting hydration and DED symptom relief1


  • Clinically proven, Cationorm is a first-of-a-kind artificial tear which uses ionic technology to mimic the body’s natural tears and provide long-lasting relief:4,6,19
  • Cetalkonium chloride (CKC) brings the ionic ‘positive charge’ that attracts hydration to the negatively charged eye’s surface.4,19
  • Mineral oils that target the fatty oil outer layer of the eye.4,19
  • Glycerol to support lubrication and comfort.4,19
  • Spreads fast across the surface of the eye.6,20
  • Ionic technology means increased adherence onto the surface of the eye and therefore, may not need to be reapplied as often as alternative eye drops*3,5,6

Cationorm also contains tyloxapol, poloxamer 188, tris-hydrochloride, tromethamine and water.4,19


Ocutears Alo+ contains aloe vera for prolonged freshness and long-lasting comfort.2

Aloe vera is a moisturiser and antioxidant shown to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce redness and swelling.21-25

Which Ocutears product should I recommend?

  • Choose Hydro+: Busy lifestyle impacted by dry eye symptoms and wants long-lasting relief, which may mean less frequent application of eye drops.1,3,5 Mild-moderate DED.
  • Choose Alo+: Mainly concerned about redness or general irritation. Also, for travellers, those with irritation from sun exposure, air conditioning or a dry environment.2 Mild-moderate DED.
  • Choose Cationorm: Those with regular symptoms that could be exacerbated by the menopause or other conditions.4,11,12 Also suitable for those who have undergone eye surgery and want something to help with the discomfort.4,14 Moderate-severe DED.6,13,14

Product comparison1,2,4,6

  Ocutears® Hydro+ Ocutears® Alo+ Cationorm®
Long-lasting relief
High degree of hydration
Prolonged freshness
Corneal protection
0.4% cross-linked sodium hyaluronate
Contains aloe vera - a moisturiser and antioxidant
Uses ionic technology
Clinically proven to target oily, watery and mucus layers (Triple Action)
Can be used with contact lenses
Can relieve discomfort after eye surgery
Suitable for those exposed to environmental factors such as, prolonged sunlight, air-conditioned rooms and prolonged screen use



The Ocutears range is brought to you by Santen; experts you can trust.

As specialists in ophthalmology, Santen is continually advancing dry eye disease care, with more than 130 years of experience developing innovative products that improve the lives of people living with eye conditions.29,30

Founded in Japan over a century ago, we’re proud to be a world leader in eye care, including in glaucoma, dry eye, vernal keratoconjunctivitis, blepharitis, allergies and eye surgery, and of our mission to better protect the world’s sight.31

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